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Re: GURPS, getting the latest version, and other random mumbles. writes:
[ gurps like misnomer ]
I was actually talking about gurps like in a more general definition.
I wanted both the character generation and for combat and all of that.
[ points to put toward skills etc.]
I've thought about how to do this.  The basic Idea I've had is to
award people skill points which they can then spend for weapon
training, or they can spend for magical training, or other things.
I'm not sure what a full list would be like.  I'm not sure how easy
this would be.
[ more cool stuff ]
A lot of the new stuff is in pre-release versions of 0.88.0 which
mainly people who are working on code improvements.  If Frank gives
the O.K., I would make the version I'm running generally available.
Since he has chosen to not make it publically available, I've followed
a similar plan.
[ bitmaps stuff ]
If you send the stuff to me, I should be able to chop them up for you.
I'll probably write a program to do it, which I would then make
generally available.  You can upload the files to in the incoming directory.
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