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Re: Possible new potion

Andreas Bringedal <> writes:
> >Hmm.. what about something like a potion of restore experience?
> >Drat those grimreapers!!!
> >It would work something like a grimreaper in reverse, i.e.,
> >give back some percentage of lost experience points.
> >It would require keeping track of the max experience points the
> >character had - I would also make it pretty rare.
> Hmm. Then I would say that we would need more monsters that drain exp.
> What if somebody made bitmaps of vampires(and Dracula), wraiths,
> wights etc...etc...Otherwise the game will be way to easy. It's 
> already easy once you learn the basics(like using the control-key,
> brace and heal-spells). 
I disagree it's not too easy.  The biggest fix that we need is to
teach monsters how to break down walls.  This is the main problem with
some of the mazes that I've been building is that they become much
easier as soon as you start putting in walls.
> Artifacts are still too easy to come by. Hopefully a new treasure-
> algorithm(?) will come into existence. (Maybe it has already. It's
> been a long time since I played)
There is a new treasure algorithm.  It's part of the patches that I've
had to 0.88, there in the incoming directory as eanders-patches-[13]
(2 is a bad patch).  I'm still playing with the balance of the
treasure allocation.  Some of the problem is also in the maps.
> We also need some control over how many characters a player can have.
> It may be a minor problem but one player had over 50 characters saved
> at one time with not more then 10 exp each. I deleted them...:)
What good is having that many people?  The only reason I see for
having more than one person is to be able to keep stuff you don't want
to go wandering around with.
> I think it have been inflation in diamons. A diamond is worth 50(?)gp
> or less. There should at least be some valuable gems around.
> And of course I still don't like the character generation. If you 
> choose a barbarian, does this imply that you're not human or elf
> (ie, you're something else), or that it isn't specified.
> What if I want to play a human swashbuckler ? Or an elven 
> wizard ?
I too have a big problem with character generation.  You should only
choose wizard.  It's the easiest to get the 25 int with them which
gives you an extra 100 spell points at level ten (24->25 int switch).
> One could also give a player about 70 points to distribute to the
> various stats(max is 84 I think). This would relive me for the 
> endless search for a good startup-character.(It wouldn't be so good
> thou). Maybe one could give him 75 points. Comments anyone ?
I've thought about this.  I think I'd like a more gurps like system 
than the D&D system that's in there now.
I'd also like to see the artifacts only available by solving mazes to
get to them.
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