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Corrupt characters, messages, etc..

Hi all,
	just a couple of questions.

1. We have been writing some highly interactive quests, with npcs having to do
   a lot of talking, and have found that they have quite a limited amount of 
   space assigned for messages. Is there an easy way to give them more space,
   or are we just going to use more npcs.

2. We have also found that the message matching at times exhibits very
   unexpected behaviour. Can it be forced to do exact matching, with the use of
   '"'s perhaps? If not, has someone written a better matching algorithm, which
   does so?

3. We have fixed emergency save for a UNIX 4.3.1 based system, do the 
   implementers want to have a listing of what we've done, as it was not very
   difficult, or has it been fixed in version 0.91.4?

4. We found that polymorphing wands and staves causes core dumps. Does anyone
   know how to fix this, other than the obvious removal of the chance for the
   polymorphing for these items?

5. We have found that players have a problem when they have a word of recall
   applied but not yet effected when the game crashes and emergency saves with
   it as part of the inventory. We have written scripts to remove the unwanted
   code, but were wondering if anyone had solved the problem within crossfire

	Looking forward to hearing from you all,
						(and able assistant Elio)

"I think the best sign that there is intelligent life out there is that it
hasn't tried to contact us yet!"