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Re: Problem with 0.91.4 version?

|> 1. The server crashes on a average of about 3 hours.

You're lucky. one mine it's less than one hour.

|> 2. The map screw up on a average of 15 mins.  Some of the buildings
|>    disappeared!  The exit in some shop disappeared because about 4
|>    columns on the rightmost portion of the map are cleared.

I guess the temporary directory disk is full because of too many
crashes. Empty it and restart the server. Warn that is you save you
character in this circunstances he/she could be crashed too (cause
he/she is temporary saved in this dir too.)

You could rewrite the crossloop script to let it to erase the
temporary maps after a crash. I've my onwn version but it's OS
dependant (for SunOS.) You could also periodicaly empty the disk.

On my (small) temp disk (less than 10 Meg) I erased it every 12 hours
and i still had problems with the old script. I added this line in my
crontab(1) :

50 18,6 * * * find /tmp ! -atime -1 -exec rm -f '{}' \;

-- Laurent