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Re: Killing other players

>  I consider that a feature. (IF gettign hit by a spell/missle from
> a freindly that you become enemies).  Othewise, a player could hit
> you with spells, and if you rush up to attack physcially, peacful
> would still be set, and there would be at least a cpouple rounds
> where you jsut push instead of attack.
>  The way the code is right now, you get 1 free push on an enemy before
> you become agressive.  I suppose this area could be cahgned so that if
> you are running and run into another peacful creature, you don't kill it
> before you even know it.

The only problem I have is when a friend and I and working together to
kill something. If my friend runs through my spell there should be no
reason that he should be able to kill me by bumping into me.

If we are in the same party then "attacking" party members because of
spell damage should be impossible. 

Outside of a party keep the rule as it is.

" "Lay on, Macduff,
        And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!' "
                            Billy Shakespeare