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Bug crossfire 0.91.4

Bug found in crossfire 0.91.4 When I read a scroll of destruction
crossfire dies

You are now 14th level.
You are now 13th level.
You are now 12th level.
You are now 11th level.
You are now 10th level.
You are now 94th level.
You are now 84th level.
You are now 7th level.

I am seventh level.
Also When this happens the game resets and I am left exactly where the
game crashed, which in that position is equal to death.

Can a character which was saved during game crash be restored in
the normal start location, or maybe a location that the character
can specify (he must have been there)

  Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
      All men must die, it was their single common heritage. But a book
   need never die and should not be killed; books were the immortal part
   of man.               -- Robert A. Heinlein -- ``Farnham's Freehold''