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Re: Destruction

> I think he's also immune to magic and has a very high speed.  
>  He speaks.  Have you interrogated him?  Does he not work for you?
> ...  I just checked...
> He has 10000 hp, and he's completely immune to magic....  Now that
> the whole list is aware that he's worth 1Mexp, i anticipate everyone
> trying to kill him.  No one could have known without using the map,
> or using DM.  (i.e., cheating)

What about simply TRYING to kill him and gasping when you see the exp?
Like I did?

> His speed is also 1.5.  Not an easy kill.

Oh well, but he doesn't hit back (almost), so you just stand there and
punch him till he's gone...

> Take a helluva lot of magic bullets, and he'd be coming after you.

Nah, use 1 bullet, he'll come, you slash him witless.