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Re: Whats the plan? (Was: Re: CF: Suggestions and bugs)

>  Lack of time really on my part.  It also gets problematic in that there
> are so many changes going on that the starting stable version pretty
> quickly deviates from a stable release.

> IF someone else wants to be in charge of making 'stable' releases, please
> do so.

	I guess I'd be willing to maintain the stable release (at least to version 
	1.0) if nobody else wants to do it.
	I assume this means nothing more than making bug fixes and tweaks 
	to playbalance.  Will there also be fixes to the maps/archetypes? 
	Separate stable/development versions of the maps and archetypes? 
	(separate stable maps version doesnt seem to be needed since the rate
	at which new maps are accreted into the game is pretty slow, but maybe
	that will change/is changing??).
	The problem I guess is that Ive seen the development CF version can 
	quickly deviate from the stable version. Esp. with the work on the 
	(new) client. When does the development version 'spawn' the new
	stable version? I assume that the start of each 0.xx.0 version the
	development and 'stable' version are one in the same, then deviate
	again until we attempt to 'stabilize' the next 0.xx.0 version.
	The stable version is just version 0.xx.0 that gets a patch letter/number,
	eg 0.xx.01 is patch 1, stable version 0.xx.0.

	Does this sound ok?


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