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Re: Whats the plan? (Was: Re: CF: Suggestions and bugs)

	Let it be known that "Mark Wedel" did speak thusly: 
> IF someone else wants to be in charge of making 'stable' releases, please
>do so.

	An offer has already been made by someone else, but should that
fall through I am very willing to take on that task.

However I would like to propose a change in the view of the developement

Since I am new to this list please let me know If I am repeating ideas from
the past.  I like the direction that the linux kernel developement tree has
gone.  And would like to suggest a similar direction here.

0.94.x:  Stable distribution.
0.95.x:  Development distribution.
0.96.x:  Stable distribution with C/S play only.
0.97.x:  Developement tree for C/S only play.
0.98.x:  Stable C/S semi-balanced distribution.
0.99.x:  Developement tree adding last features/fixing bugs for 1.0 release.
1.0.x:  Stable public release.
1.1.x:  Development tree for new features for 1.2.x

There is no crime in using multiple patch levels.  The currect scheme 
does not allow for clear distinction of what is considered stable and what 
is stable.  Features are only really added in the developement trees, and
the stable distributions only really get bug fixes, and the occasional
stable feature added.  Keep in mind that hopefully the development cycle 
on crossfire should be significantly shorter than the linux kernel :).

Patches are offered up all the time.  It would be nice to be able to test 
the patches, incorporate them, and release a new stable version of crossfire.

In the 0.95.x series people could start ripping out X11 code right now without
fear of introducing problems into the 0.94.x series.  Having more than 1
development tree can be a headache at first but I think is certainly worth 
the effort.

Does this sound like a good idea?

On a different note, I am going to begin an archive of all the clients
that I can find.  I think a 1 stop shopping place for crossfire clients
is a must.  So if you know of a distribution site for a specific client 
aside from the crossfire dist site, please let me know the addy.

The ftp server will be  However there is nothing there
right now.  Also I am going to keep a crossfire server up at

I would also like to formally ask permission to mirror the crossfire 
distribution on

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