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Re: CF: Illusions (plus some more ideas...)

How about something that fits the game already? Like maybe Fireshield
that creates a shield around the character like in D&D, It wouldn't add 
anything to the casters armor or AC but could cause damage to attacking 
monsters and give a slight protection vs fire. You could do a whole line of 
these types of spells according to the type of shield you wanted. However, i 
would limit the shield to one at a time. If you casted 2 shields they could 
nullify themselves or if they were an opposing type say fire and cold they 
could cause damage to the caster. Casters have very limited armor options, 
some of them like the para-elementals and quetzal's and wraiths cant wear 
any at all so it would benefit them as well.

>Speaking of new Mage spells, what about Mana Shield?
>Like in Diablo (and I am sure many other games out there) where Mana
>points are essentially used as Life/Hit points?  It is just an idea, but I
>forsee with all the different locations of +magic equipment in the game,
>this would cause a huge imbalance.  But from a previous post from Mark
>Wedel, I believe he mentioned a rework for game balance, so maybe this
>could be considered then. *shrug*  So, maybe something like the Mana
>Shield will remain in effect as long as current Mana never drops below a
>certain percentage of the total.
>Another (Mage) spell idea, something called Life Shield, where the
>spellcasters Ac and Armour are improved based on the current percentage of
>the spellcaster hit/life points and the duration is affected by
>spellcaster level or damage received. It would have the same restriction
>as the Armour spell where the current AC/Armour takes the best value from
>either the spell or whatever the character is wearing.  The benefit of
>this would be the "spell armor" wouldn't affect spellcasting or hinder
>spellpoint regeneration.
>Just some ideas...
>- Rick Tanner
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