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CF: crossfire design

i'm fairly, okay, very new at playing crossfire, but i had 
some observations and questions about the basic design of 
the game and some of the services rolled into the crossfire 
server. actually, the observations and questions extend 
from a very old interest in mpogs and graphical muds that 
i've clutivated over the years.

it occured to me that changes could be made to the core 
server to facilitate a completely distributed gaming world. 
the benifits of distributing the game across several 
computers is fairly obvious: speed and reducing player 
occupancy of a single server. for example, a player (on 
server A) enters a dungeon. the entry for the dungeon 
specifies not only the location of the dungeon file, but 
the server on which the file lies (server B). the player is 
effectively removed from the game on server A and entered 
into the game in server B.

i haven't exactly followed the archives since crossfire's 
creation since i just found out about the game a couple of 
months ago, but i'm curious if anybody has ever thought to 
try this before. to tell the truth, i can't imagine any 
reason not to offer a distributed version of crossfire 
(besides the difficulty in eliminating security attacks). 
it offers a technologically current solution to issues of 
server overload, and fits right in to the notions of modern 
day software design.

just curious.
Andrew Sutton

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