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CF: port scan

Hi all.  This is off topic but appropriate for the list imho.

Someone just port scanned my box very badly.  I believe it was someone may
play crossfire, and may even be on this list

I know this as their are a series of accesses to the crossfire port from a
certain IP ( and soon after one of my boxen was subjected
to 2-3 minutes of strobbing from the same IP.

I've reported this incident to the person's ISP ( as a port scan
of this magnitude leads me to believe the person was looking for an
exploit.  It is unfortunate to think that the list might contain someone
like this.

I urge all admins to be on the look out.  It might be worth looking at
blocking all of for the time being as I believe the box is a
dialup box.

Sorry for the off topic message but these sorts of things concern me

To the culprit - if this was just some sort of investigation of the
Internet, get the permission of the admin of the box before launching a
strobe or similar tool.  Long gone are the days when the Internet was a
friendly place where attacks were rare.

--Robert Brockway B.Sc.  Email:
			 Founder of HUMBUG (

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