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Re: CF: crossfire design

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 10:20:43PM -0600, Scott Wedel wrote:
> Andrew,
> My question is what are you trying to solve?  Even on a single CPU
> machine it is quite likely that threading will improve performance as
> there is no need to wait for disk to load maps and so on.  I don't think
> there is any sort of issue with too many people playing on one server
> where the desired solution would be to add the complexities of
> simultaneous cooperating servers.  If there is an overloaded server
> then it'd be far easier to thread CF and make the CF server a multiCPU
> machine than to go far down the distributed processing route.

I would have to agree.. I've been running with many
users and it never even puts a small dent in system resources.  The machine
is a PII 450 with 128M ram though, but this will be an average system some
day not too long from now.

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