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CF: Aligned Weapons

    Suggestion for the next release (requires new object attribute).  I'm
relatively new to this list, so please excuse the redundancy if this has
already been discussed.

Aligned Weapons
    Artifact weapons can be aligned to a specific deity either by being
randomly generated that way or as a boon for praying over that deity's
altar.  If randomly generated, the weapon will also have the deity's
attacktype and will slay the enemies of that cult.  Otherwise, those
attributes can be granted as seperate boons (as they are now).  When weilded
by a follower of the same deity, the weapon acts as +1 beyond its normal
enchantment.  It behaves normally for players who do not worship any deity. 
For followers of a different cult, it behaves as -1 below its normal
capacity.  Worshippers of the enemy deity cannot weild such a weapon and
will, in fact, be hit by it if they try.

            -Dave Noelle,       
            -the Villa Straylight,
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