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Re: CF: Are these bugs?

Mark wrote:
>  Doing it that way was probably not the best way to handle it, but a reasonable
> way.  A way to balance it better might be for the god to remove magic other than
> his own (so other attacktypes that are not the gods may be removed, as well as
> protections, immunities, etc.)  However, if that is done, then it should only
> look for weapons laying on the altar, and not ones in the players inventory
> (although the later could be fair in some sense - if you are using a weapon that
> has powers in disagreement with your gods, your god is not likely to be happy
> about that.)

I'd be willing to go a bit further, if player has ANY item that is in disagreement
with your gods then your god should not be happy enough with you to give you a
great gift.  Maybe there should be some sort of purification ritual which not
only removes items/spells from other gods, but gives you an invisible object that
hurts you if you pick up an item from another god and really messes you up if you
equip or use such an item.

If gods are going to give powers then they need to have loyal followers.


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