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Re: CF: Rampant volunteerism

A thought for stores would be modify them so that they don't reload as
much as they update.  Something like 25% of items (single items have a
25% chance) are removed and then new items are placed.  Items sold by
players are placed into sorted inventory (shelves are stocked) so you
can find things sold by other players.  Price paid for items could be
like sqrt(1.1/log(10+num_of_this_item_to_sell + num_of_this_item_in_stock))
so selling one or two items is awfully close to full price and selling
40 items results in a 20% discount just as selling a few items when
shopkeeper already has 40 of them in stock.  But next shop update would
reduce that item's inventory by 25% so discount wouldn't last forever.
Also, the purchase price for items could follow such a formula so a
player looking to buy an item that shopkeeper has lots of will get a
similar discount.  Basically, it would make it harder to make money by
selling lots of the same stuff especially if other people are also
selling those same items in that store.  One of those adjustments that
would seem to make sense to players and improve (marginally) game play.

Stores shouldn't have any active items so there should be no effect upon
game cpu requirements if they are kept around and occasionally updated.


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