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RE: CF: ice cubes

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> From: Hwei Sheng TEOH
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> Sent: 9/2/99 2:11 PM
> Subject: Re: CF: ice cubes (was Re: oddity in the pup_land raffle #2)


> This reminds me of a potentially(?) interesting addition to the game:
> separating potion bottles from the actual contents themselves. I've >
always been rather puzzled as to how an alchemy spell can actually create >
a glass bottle of, say, restoration potion, just out of organic
> ingredients in the cauldron?? Also, I've always been puzzled as to how >
someone actually carries a "stinking puddle of urine" or a "water >
elemental's residue" -- how does someone actually carry liquid?? Don't > you
need some kind of container to hold it?

> I always thought it'll be neat if potions came in containers, so that
> when you want to, say, brew some healing potions, you'd actually empty >
the contents of your potion of restoration into the cauldron, etc., and >
then use that same bottle to scoop up whatever the cauldron produces.


Hear hear!  Second the motion!  This hearkens back to one of my pet peeves
while I was beta testing Everquest.  Everquest required you to both eat and
drink to survive.  You were required to buy (at minimum), bottles of water.
When you consumed a bottle of water, you apparently ate the bottle as well.
I found that supremely irritating when at least one of the maps I frequented
featured a large river.  The fact that I couldn't retain empty water bottles
and refill them at the river annoyed me no end, especially considering that
bottles of water were inordinately expensive.

In my ever-so-humble opinion, differentiating between a liquid and the
container it's in is long overdue.  The added twists you mentioned that I
snipped out would even make it interesting, as opposed to merely useful.
The added complexity isn't that bad, and it's in keeping with the increased
role-playing emphasis Mark (and I) desire for the game.

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