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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

Hwei Sheng TEOH wrote:

> I'd still like the idea of having some (although definitely not all) fixed
> ship routes, especially if we keep the multiple continents. Like some fixed
> routes for trade ships, etc.. But of course, I agree that it's more fun if
> some places can only be reached by "accident" or by information found on some
> quest. Also, ships with fixed routes will not be instantaneous -- they would
> simply follow a fixed route that reach a particular destination. And, we might
> add bad weather, etc., that makes travelling on those ships a little risky.

 One reason to add actual navigation of ships on the seas is to slow down the
time it takes players to hop between towns and search all the shops for the good

 This can obviously be done by fixed routes, but if the player just sits there
for a few minutes as the ship moves around, that would be pretty boring on the
players part - especially if they have already seen that journey.

> IMHO, we need at least two different scales... the reason being that since
> this is a 2D game (and I don't think we ever plan to move to 3D any time in
> the forseeable future) you lose some aspects of perspective. For example,
> walking up to a volcano in a unified scale, you won't even know this was a
> volacno until you reach the edge of it. Also, things like the smugglers' ship
> in Navar would be hard to do -- the player would only get a verbal message
> since the ship itself would be too far away to be visible in the limited 2D
> viewing area (on a unified scale).

 I agree.  I think in the end, at least 2 scales will be used - indoor and
outdoor.  Note one other suggestion which will likely be done is to increase the
viewable size from 11x11 to 17x17 or something similar.

> Actually, if we plan to increase the scale of the world maps, this might not
> be a bad thing. The player would have something interesting to do every 50-100
> squares. This will make it not seem like a lot of map space is "wasted".

 I agree - every 50-100 would be just fine.  As long as the dungeons are not
within direct sight or a quick walk, that would work OK.

> Sorry, I just recently subscribed to the CF mailing list -- what is `chico'?

 Chico is a university in northern california.  They did a lot of crossfire work
there for a while, and came up with the basis of the current map set.
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