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RE: CF: RE: New graphics

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Sent: 9/10/99 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: CF: RE: New graphics 

Not necessarily:  it's a big job and not an easy one to do well.
Perhaps.  We'll see.  Nothing I can do right now anyway.
> It occurs to me we could use a little more clarity in the matter of
who is
> contributing, who is actively contributing, and who has staked out
> territory.  I've never heard of Mr. Sundqvist.  If he reads this list,
> hasn't said anything in weeks.  And yet he's privately decided to work
> some major facet of the game which somebody else has publicly
expressed an
> interest in.  That's not a good thing.  This is an Open Source
project, with

He hasn't "privately decided" to work on it:  he's announced
the project several times on the list.  In fact, I got him to put
the new images in the source repository on
Anyone with CVS access could help him with the project.

cvs checkout arch32

Hmm.  I read the list archives back 2 months and saw no mention of it.  I'll
rephrase my complaint, then.  Is there a location on the web page where
significant projects of this nature are listed, together with who is working
on them and the date they started and the date they last showed activity?
And if not, shouldn't it be done?
You might want to correspond with him on what yet needs to be done, and
if he isn't responsive, then simply take over the project.

I can't find his email address right now unfortunately.
Once I have connectivity again and can actually contribute something besides
noise on this list, I'll bother him.

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