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Re: CF: the begining of crossfire

Doug wilder wrote:
> I am currently writting a story that should incompass all the known gods and
> leaves openings for more if they should be implemented. It reads as a kind
> of ancient writing and isn't based on worshiping anyone god. Sort of what a
> wizard would write (only the facts).

    Sounds like something you'd hear from the priests of the God of Magic
I've been working on.  I proposed this a couple weeks ago, but I've refined
and balanced it a bit since then.  I thought we needed a god of magic to
explain why mages get praying skill and priests get spellcasting.  Possible
changes include protection and immunity to chaos instead of magic, when/if
that possibility is implemented.  Chaos is not currently a real attacktype. 
I'm also testing with prot/immune: mental, but that's going to take a bit
more work.
    Feel free to work this into your story or not, however you please.  In
the meantime, any comments on whether to make this the official new God of

Object Xebinon
type 50
other_arch golem_iron 	(see below)
title Sorig		(the other chaos god - Ruggilli's enemy is ice god)
color_fg grey
race familiar,all_elementals	(familiar = various pet types)
slaying slime,beholder,skull,chaos
monster 1
alive 1
Str 24
Con 24
Dex 30
Int 40
Wis 30
Pow 60			(Not that these actually /mean/ anything...)
attacktype 526336	(slow, counterspell - his holy word dispels magic!)
immune 32762		(magic, cancellation)
protected 32770		(magic, electricity, cancellation)
vulnerable 16384	(fear - the better part of valor)
path_attuned 107520	(turning, transfer, info, mind)
path_denied 0
path_repelled 2560	(creation, detonation)
last_sp 2		( spell point regen)
last_heal -1		(slow hit point regen)
ac -5			(avatar has average ac, but no armour)
wc 1			(avatar has worst wc by 2)
hp 300			(tied with Sorig for lowest hp)
dam 30			(avatar has low damage)
speed 0.35		(avatar is moderately fast)
level 15
can_cast_spell 1
can_use_weapon 1
can_use_armour 1
the Grey Wanderer,
the supreme Archmage,source of Mana,
controller of Chaos,embodiment of Mind
exp 1
weight 1
editable 0

Object golem_iron
name iron golem
type 46
face golem_red.111
animation golem_red
monster 1
alive 1
Str 25
Dex 15
ac 0
wc 5
dam 22
armour 35
attacktype 1	(physical)
immune 214176	(conf, drain, poison, fear, depl, death)
protected 20	(fire, frost)
vulnerable 80	(acid, electricity)
hp 150
maxhp 150
level 8
speed 0.15
exp 1000
weight 1000000
editable 33

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            -the Villa Straylight,
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