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RE: CF: Long term experimental ideas

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From: Nicolas Loechner
Sent: 9/15/99 10:01 AM
Subject: Re: CF: Long term experimental ideas

What about object checking/collecting ?
I would hate to be annoyed by whatever low level monster it is
while I am collecting stuff on the floor.
By the time you've reached the scavenging stage, whatever low level monster
type you were slaughtering has been well and truely scared, so they're
unlikely to bother you while you deal with objects.  You  may be low level
enough still that they'll attack you again, but it will take time for them
to gather their courage.  (For the programmers, the "courage" counter that's
part of the character's record with the generator got kicked way negative
after he killed a bunch of that monster, and it's slowly being ticked back
up to a positive value.  Or some such mechanism.)
A limit on the monsters being generating would be fine.

On a more general topic, why move from the hacknslash model ?
This hacknslash is the main reason I play Crossfire. I don't like
the current standard RPG game, where you have to think... Uh. :-)
A bit AI for monsters is needed though, and I also like it very much
when the same fighting and mana and such system applies to both
players and monsters.

And yes I'm a great MUD fan. I like very much Crossfire as it is,
for it's a graphical mud.

Just my two cents...


Hmm.  I was under the impression Mark's stated intent to move away from
hacknslash was generally accepted by the players.  I suppose since I haven't
seen a number of opinions commisserate with the number of downloads, that's
a mistaken assumption...  Should something be done about getting a more
comprehensive opinion poll, or are we moving in the RPG direction regardless
and if players don't like it they'll just have to look elsewhere?

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