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RE: CF: Long term experimental ideas

--- dragonm <> wrote:
> Hmm.  I was under the impression Mark's stated intent to move away from
> hacknslash was generally accepted by the players.  I suppose since I haven't
> seen a number of opinions commisserate with the number of downloads, that's
> a mistaken assumption...  Should something be done about getting a more
> comprehensive opinion poll, or are we moving in the RPG direction regardless
> and if players don't like it they'll just have to look elsewhere?

I'm pro hack'n'slash.  If I want more realism/rping, I can play EverQuest.
But I'm also pro option and change.  If I want hack'n'slash and crossfire
is 90% rping in the future.. well, I have crossfire 0.95.4.
Paul Hicks
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