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Re: CF: simple way to improve SP regen w/o [major] recoding.

Steven Lembark wrote:
> if you get your POW high enough the SP regen is rather fast -- main
> problem is keeping enough food around rather than waiting.  what if
> we just:
>         (a) up the initial POW plus for magic-users.
>         (b) up the top level POW for magic users.
> Quetz's and Fireborn already have decent pluses -- the latter with
> plus being moved from WIS to POW.  just up the POW on pure magic
> users by, say, 4 (e.g., fireborn, quetz, wraith, priest, wizard)
> and other magic users by, say, 2.

    Having high Pow increases your spell point regeneration by increasing
your maximum spell points.  The time it takes to fully recharge remains the
same, until you have enough maxsp and +magic to max out at 1sp/tick.  Only
high level casters have this problem, but they're the ones who should have
the least problem with spell points, especially since almost every spell
costs more for higher level casters.
    No matter how many +magic artifacts you put together, the fastest you
can possibly recharge 480 spell points is a full minute.  In an otherwise
fast-paced game like Crossfire, that's a long time.  Increasing starting
stats will only get you to that limit faster.  Besides, we've decided to
seperate races and classes and base stat adjustments only on the player's
race.  Quetzalcouatl will get a Power bonus and Humans won't, regardless of
whether they're playing wizards or warriors.  Additionally, races which are
magical in nature, such as fireborn, quetzalcouatl, and maybe elf, would get
+1 magic, but humans wouldn't.  I'm not sure how, or if, we should give any
bonuses based on class, other than initial skills and equipment, of course.
    I still think decreasing the time it normally takes to fully recharge,
and increasing the maximum from 1sp/tick to 2sp/tick, would be the best
solution.  I've already changed the code to handle this, but I haven't
committed it to the CVS tree yet.  If there's still a question about whether
that's the best solution, I'll hold off on committing that change until it's

            -Dave Noelle,       
            -the Villa Straylight,
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