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Re: CF: Obsolete options

David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> By reducing the damage only partially for each creature in the way,
> the cone is sure to go a few squares before completely fading out.
> But the way they work now, cones start out weak and grow to full power
> after a few spaces.  The way I'm suggesting would have them start at
> full power and weaken with distance.  Maybe your suggestion applies
> just as well to this form.  Setting maximum damage for at least the
> first few squares would certainly help it not fade out so quickly.
> With maximum damage for at least two squares, the example above would
> look like this:

 Actually, that implementation for cones probably makes more sense.  IT is also
potentially more useful (so you can really toast the monsters next to you, which
are the ones you want to toast - the ones far away are not as much a concern.) 
For far away monster, use those nice ball spells.

 I also sort of like the idea that if you are running away from a cone and it
catches up to you, the amount of damage you will receive has still been reduced.

> One way to balance this would be to increase your rate of food
> consumption while you're regenerating instead of this 1:1 cost.  That
> would make it cost a point of food to regenerate a percentage of your
> HP or SP.  And SP should increase the hunger rate less, maybe half as
> much.

 That might be more reasonable.  AT least it would result in a smoother
consumption of food, and things like sustenance may have a better affect in that

> I think that currently, when you run out of food, you start losing hit
> points instead.  That effectively prevents regeneration and spell use,
> since regenerating either 1 HP or 1 SP then costs 1 HP.  I think
> tracking negative food is a good idea, and effects should be based on
> how negative it is.  Regeneration would slow and then stop, and past
> some point, you'd start losing Str and Con, then HP and the rest of
> your stats.

 Right - the idea is not to kill the player immediately, but more than likely,
the player will die of lack of stats and ability to regain stats than actual
starvation.  That seems reasonable to me, and also gives a bit more time for the
player to deal with eating more food.

 On the new race/player thread - that could be another adjustement different
races get.  That wraith should probably not need to eat as often.

> Good point.  Maybe we need both.  Or maybe temples and healers could
> sell "life insurance" that would basically enable non-permadeath once
> for that player.  Once you could afford that, it wouldn't be as
> dangerous to go out alone, but you'd still be better off with someone
> else around to save you the experience and stat loss.

 this could be done in part by always being able to buy an amulet of
lifesaving.  Now it could be debated whether there should perhaps be something
like that, but instead return the player to town, since if you are really hosed
(say get trapped in a dungeon), that lifesaving amulet doesn't do you any good.
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