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Your Bugzilla buglist needs attention.

[This e-mail has been automatically generated.]

You have one or more bugs assigned to you in the Bugzilla 
bugsystem ( that require

All of these bugs are in the NEW state, and have not been touched
in 7 days or more.  You need to take a look at them, and 
decide on an initial action.

Generally, this means one of three things:

(1) You decide this bug is really quick to deal with (like, it's INVALID),
    and so you get rid of it immediately.
(2) You decide the bug doesn't belong to you, and you reassign it to someone
    else.  (Hint: if you don't know who to reassign it to, make sure that
    the Component field seems reasonable, and then use the "Reassign bug to
    owner of selected component" option.)
(3) You decide the bug belongs to you, but you can't solve it this moment.
    Just use the "Accept bug" command.

To get a list of all NEW bugs, you can use this URL (bookmark it if you like!):

Or, you can use the general query page, at

Appended below are the individual URLs to get to all of your NEW bugs that 
haven't been touched for a week or more.

You will get this message once a day until you've dealt with these bugs!