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Re: [CF:1339] Refreshing spells, before the previous one is over ?

  I agree that when casting a spell whose effect may already be up, the 'better'
one should take precedence.  In many cases of the code, it just does a simple
check to see if one is in affect, and if so, bails out.

 Now better one can be hard to define in some places.  For example, if you have
a strength spell that gives +2 strength for 500 more ticks and are casting
another one that gives +4 strength for 200 ticks, which is better?  I guess a
simple thing on that is that the newly one casted one should take precedence, if
the casting is initiated by that object (via drinking potion or casting spell) -
ie, you can't cast a crummy strength on someone else to make theirs less
effective, but you could do it on yourself if you wanted.  The theory of course
being that the player should know what they are doing, and if they cast a less
effective spell, they chose to cast it.

Norbert Irmer wrote:
> I lately tried to explore dark caves with a combination
> of a X-ray helmet and dusts of night vision.
> When you use a dust of night vision it lights the whole area
> displayed on the screen in the first 10 seconds, or so.
> After that, the lighted area starts getting smaller.
> But if you try to refresh the spell by using another dust
> of night vision, the lighted area doesn't increases, until
> the first spell totally wore off (which takes a few minutes)
> I think it would be a great idea to make it possible to
> refresh duration spells _before_ the previous one is
> over.
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