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Re: [CF:1349] It lives! (22Jun00 server 0.95.6 on SuSE 6.4)

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Jan Echternach wrote:

> > player.o: In function `kill_player':
> > /home/cross/install/crossfire-0.95.6/server/player.c:1816: undefined
> > reference to `gravestone_text'
> gravestone_text() got removed accidently with my apply() cleanup patch
> because I had overlooked that it's also used by server/player.c.
> Please try the attached patch an tell me if it fixes

It does, cf server now compiles without any problems what so ever. Thanks!

Btw, if anyone wants to playtest a server with PERM_DEATH and
RESURRECTION, I am running one at, default port. I am
not sure how complete the resurrection code is - do you know?

> > Another thing, on my local server the pocket realities seem to be fixed
> > when a new player gets a new appartment. However, existing players who
> > already have an appartment will have the same problem with the wall
> > reappearing after visiting one of the pocket realities. Does the fix for
> > this problem require modification of the players perm-appartment file
> > itself?
> I don't know a better way.  :-/

OK. Is there a diff to run against the appartment files, or should they be
edited by hand one by one?

If you can tell me what needs to be changed, I might be able to throw
together a diff or a perl/sed script to fix it.

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