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CF: Disconnect?


I just started a halfharted attempt at porting a client to MacOS.

When i try to connect to a server, in this case, i get
disconnected for some reason. Below is a session transcript from a packet
sniffer together with some comments:

Send data (30 bytes).   // I present myself as a standard X11 C Client
<00000000< version 1021 1022 X11 C Client

Send data (13 bytes).   // Set the face mode to XPM
<0000001E< setfacemode 1

Send data (10 bytes).   // Disable sound since i have no support
<0000002B< setsound 0

Send data (5 bytes).    // Send the addme
<00000035< addme

// Wow! Something happens. Here comes the length.
Receive data (2 bytes).
->00000000> 00 23                                               .#

// And then a reply to the version command.
Receive data (35 bytes).
->00000002> version 1021 1022 Crossfire Server

// Then i get disconnected !? Why is this?
Receive orderly release indication (T_ORDREL_IND = 132).

Has anyone got any clues on this? Any help is much appreciated.
The port is standard 13327.

  Isak Styf
  Computer Science student at the University of Luleå - Sweden

  Vänortsvägen 26:66                 Tel : 0920 681 02
  S-977 54 Luleå                     ICQ :   3363257

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