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CF: Bugzilla now open at

Real Time has a private crossfire server and over time I have tweaked it to
our liking. The tweaking has had the side effect of crashing the server :-)
every now and then, so I started to keep track of what crashed the server and
fixing the problems on our private bugzilla server.

I have never submitted the bug fixes back to the core server because most of
the bugs are in the tweak code, but with the flurry of email lately, mostly
bug fixes or about bugs, I thought I would open up Real Time's bugzilla to
Crossfire community.

You can get to it at, I setup a couple
components, which I think are appropriate, but I'll let the Crossfire Devel
Team tell me what to change.

I made this list(!) the initial owner of all bugs, I am sure this is not
right, but I'll wait for feedback from the devel team.

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