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CF: Mostrai avatar animation

        I'm having problems with Mostrai's avatar animation.  After taking
a step, he (?) disappears from view.  But he is still alive, and clicking
on where he should be says 'You see nothing there'.
        I am playing cf ver 0.95.2, and have applied *all* the patches
posted here.  Somehow I think the problem is with the patches - I don't
remember this happening before, but I usually never play with Mostrai, but
with Valriel.  Most of the patches were from Nishita Seikoh, can you please
check this out?
        Also, as I posted earlier, my characters damage is negative.  As I
grow in levels, my wc becomes more negative, while damage is less negative!

R. Balasubramanian.
Our sincerest laughter \ With some pain is fraught;
Our sweetest songs \ are those that tell of saddest thought. -Shelley
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