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Re: On bizarre contortions of crossfire to fix "abuses", was Re: CF: getting rid of too powerful characters

"Mark Wedel" wrote:
> On Mar 10,  4:51pm, Robert Brockway wrote:
> > To be honest I can't see why a straigh doubling system wasn't used in the
> > first place.
>  Tables are almost always better than formulas - much easier to tune a table
> than a formula.

Crossfire used to use doubling a _long_ time ago. If I remember correctly
there was a table for the lower levels and then doubling for the higher
levels (not unlike a certain RPG ;)

>  One thought I did have is to current shift all the exp tables down one -
> instead of 1000 exp for level 2, make it 2000 exp for lev 2, 4000 for lev 3,
> and so on but keep that table.  This at least slows down the first few levels
> quite a bit (finishing the newbie tower gets you one less level, and it also
> means the intermediate stuff gets slowed down.)

This looks like a good idea.

Rupert G. Goldie, Senior Software Engineer
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