TCLUG Announcements
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TCLUG Installfest May 20th, 10am - 5pm

What:	TCLUG Installfest

When:	Saturday May 20th, 10am - 5pm 

Where:	Real-Time Enterprises, Inc.
	10181 Crosstown Circle
	Eden Prairie, MN, 55344

The TCLUG Linux Installfest is your chance to get the award winning,
powerful, free,
and stable Linux operating system installed on your computer for no
charge. Simply
bring in your computer, and we will put Linux on it for you, or help you
install it
yourself, and tailor it as much as possible to your desires. You do not
have to give up
your existing operating system to install Linux. That is, if you already
have Windows
on your computer, you can have Linux installed, too, and then decide at
boot time
which one you want to use.

Click here to check out our last Installfest:

Click here for driving directions:
Real-Time is located just north of Best Buy's main campus. Use the front

A flyer for the Installfest can be found here:
Please print this out and post it anywhere/everywhere you can.

If you are planning on attending, please let us know by using the online
poll on the website.
For more info, please go to the TCLUG website: