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Amanda network backup developers speak at U. of Minnesota


Sistina Software, Inc. and the University of Minnesota are
sponsoring a visit to Minneapolis this week 
by two of the developers of the Amanda
open source tape backup program, Alexandre Oliva and 
John Jackson (who wrote the section on Amanda in the O'Reilly
backup book).  

The Amanda web page is at   It is an amazing
piece of open source software developed eight years ago,
which provides a great solution for network backups. There are 
two USENIX papers on Amanda which can be found at the following ftp site:

        which contains everything (circa 1993) about Amanda,
        including copies of "The Amanda
        Network Backup Manager" by James da
        Silva and Ólafur Gudmundsson from
        LISA VII, 1993, and "Performance of a
        Parallel Network Backup Manager" by da
        Silva, Gudmundsson, and Daniel Mossé
        from the 1992 Summer USENIX
        Technical Conference. 

John and Alexandre will be speaking at the University on 
the evening of Thursday, June 1st at 7:00-9:00pm. The  
meeting will be held in the Electrical Engineering and 
Computer Science building, in room EE/CS 3-210.  They will
be covering fundamentals of using Amanda, current features, and
a road map for future development.  

We hope we  will get a fair number of Amanda users to attend and
tell about their experiences with this software.

Free pizza will be served before the meeting, from 6:30-7:00pm.
Please email Laurie Conn at "" if you plan
to attend, as I will need a head count.  We'll probably go out
for beers after the Amanda talk at the Big 10, right on
Washington Avenue down from the EE/CS building.

You can find a map to the EE/CS building at the following URL
(click on "Map" in the frame):

Matt O'Keefe
U. of Minnesota and Sistina Software