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Re: [TCLUG:5025] MP3 Player, TClug projects, Motherboard

--- wrote:
> I am looking for used pentium motherboards (for the
> mp3 player). I am especially
>  interested in AT style motherboards with built in
> sounds (no CMI8330 ships, the
> y have bad sound quality). Anyone have ony with
> Ensoniq PCI, Yamaha or ESS built
>  -in that you are willing to sell?
> Ben 

A MediaGX might work for ya.  My friend and I saw
one for $50 (includes board, $120 with 32M ram).

The MediaGX has onchip video and sound.  I believe
they are supported by Linux.  Just add a hd and 
you're ready to go (well, you still need power).

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