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x11amp, plugin and perms

For some reason x11amp gave me an unresolved symbol when I loaded it (it
worked fine for a while, I think I had changed gtk+ or something). I
upgrade glibc to 2.1.1-1 and glib to 1.2.1-1 and it worked but I got the
message when I clicked on the play button:

[root@pclueyb xaudio]# x11amp
makes use of the xaudio libarary, version 1.2.0,
WAAA, the output plugin didnt like me...
cannot open input (-102),check your file permissions
[root@pclueyb xaudio]#

I untared the source, recompiled and reinstalled both x11amp and the
plugin and I'm getting the same error. Even if I run x11amp as root, I get
this perm error when I try to play a mp3. Any ideas?

Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

Sometimes, I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere 
in  the universe, is that it has never tried to contact us. 
     --Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes)