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DSL and US West

i have been reading some emails from your group for a while - a friend
of mine shares them with me. i am an account manager at US West for
small businesses, and deal with  RADSL/internet access/static IPs all
the time. am willing to field questions about this stuff to the best of
my ability(as long as i'm not overwhelmed!!!). i'm particularly
responding to ron parker's email of thurs, 4/15, regarding RADSL and the
delivery period:
ron, where is your business? or are you   going to use dsl for a home
server? if you want to get info to ease your frustration, go ahead and
email me and i'll do my best to help you - 1 mth for install of DSL
seems too long (unless you're too far away from your central office to
get it...) i also wanted to ask you about the 2,000mb of data per mth
along a T-1 line - what is your CIR? are you guaranteed a certain speed?
what is the subscription ratio on that T-1 your ISP is using?

look forward to doing what i can -