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upgrading/recompiling kernel

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999 19:41:35, wrote...
>...reinstalled 5.1 from scratch and then went right to the 2.2.5 kernel.
>I was surprised, the 2.2.5 kernel seems to run/boot quite a bit 
>faster than the v2.0.35 that came with the 5.1 disk I have.

I have some more newbie questions for y'all....

I'm running 2.0.35 right now, and I need to up it.  However, this is 
something I have never done before.  How did you go about it?  Could 
someone explain the process to me?  I heard that there is an rpm to do 
this, but that seems too simple to me.  I could use a little more 
Is this the same, or similar, to recompiling the kernel?


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