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Re: [TCLUG:5395] hardware compatibility question

Jon P Schewe wrote:
> I've looked through teh compability HOWTO and got a question if anyone 
> has had any luck with the following, good or bad:
> Diamond S90 soundcard
> Creative Labs AudioPCI soundcard
> Diamond speedstar AGP 6326a gp chipset
> ati rage II chipset

I've used the ati Mach64 3d rage II chipset. It worked well with X but
SVGAlib support was lacking (maybe this has changed, I haven't used it for
a while). I have an Ensonique AudioPCI which is put out by Creative. I
don't know if this is the same card you're talking about. It works great,
although the CD sound is significantly louder out of one speaker. You have
to use the development drivers in the kernel.

I don't know about any of the others. Good luck.


Hans D Umhoefer (