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Re: [TCLUG:5432] cluster on 10base-T

> I would like to experiment with linux clusering not for performance
> improvements, but for the sake or learning how to set it up etc. The
> problem is that I have 10baseT. Am I right that Beawolf needs 100base-T
> (can I ignore this requirement and take the performance hit)? Is there
> other clustering software than will run on 10baseT.

Well, I think it depends on the algorithms you're running more than
anything else.  Some problems are very bandwidth intensive (modeling a
nuke, for instance), and others don't require much bandwidth at all
(RC5, DES, Mersenne Primes)

Anyway, it basically depends on what you'll be doing with the Beowulf
and how you'll be doing it.  I guess you'll probably just have to poke
around inside the software you plan on running on the system to figure
out if you actually need the faster network..

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