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Re: [TCLUG:3894] LUGs galore

> There's quite a few here in Middlebrook too. Maybe we should advertise the
> TCLUG meetings or something...I bet we could even get an article in the
> Daily ;)

I'd like to see the Daily say something about Linux, but I'm kind of
tired of seeing ordinary introductory articles..

Perhaps it would be better to have them talk about what can be done with
Linux on this campus (Remote X display, etc).  How it's used, and who
uses it (The Mathematics dept. has used it for several years, for
instance).  No more going to the Labs (well, almost..)

<semi-related rant>
I get really annoyed by the University's IT Labs setup sometimes..  They
have almost everything served off centralized servers -- including
Netscape, Emacs, XEmacs, Mathematica, and other large programs..  They
should really look into an alternative to that.  On any given day, my
telnet session is jerky and slow.. 

They should at least keep the most commonly used apps on local machines
(use a cron job or something to keep them updated to the newest
version..)  Hopefully it would clear up their bandwidth a bit...
</semi-related rant>
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