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Re: [TCLUG:3895] Mac IIcx & Ethernet

One is an Apple, which is not well supported in NetBSD.
The other is an Asante, which is supposedly supported.
I've had even initializing the card in NetBSD.  Sometime I'll boot up
and grab the error messages.
Maybe I just need to try a new kernel.  I've only had
the cx for a week or so so I haven't had time to really
mess with it.


---Jeff Woolley <> wrote:
> >We have checked out NetBSD.  It has the same results.
> >The chips we have are DP8390 controllers.  The linux
> >supported ones are NS8390.  I think the differences
> >in the chips make the drivers for the NS8390 and DP8390
> >incompatible.  I've looked around for datasheets for
> >the DP8390BN and DP83902V (the chips that are on my
> >cards) but I can't find them anywhere.  Oh well.
> The DP8390 controllers should work under NetBSD. Do you know the
make & 
> model of the card(s) you have?
> --
> Jeff
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