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Re: [TCLUG:3895] Mac IIcx & Ethernet


>Which OS? NetBSD or Linux?  What chip does your
>Asante card have?  What kernel are you using?

I guess wasn't very clear. :)

I have NetBSD 1.3 on my SE/30 and Centris 610.

This chip set is some variant of the 8390. I would have to crack the case 
to be sure -- I can if you thin it would help. I also have an Asante in 
the 610, NetBSD found it, but I don't think the kernel knows what port to 
use on it (10base-T, coax, AUI). It suppose to auto detect. I use MacOS 
on this machine, so I have not tried to get it working.

The people on the list are very helpful. I know a 
few occasions where they have modified the driver to work on specific 
cards that do not quite work with the standard driver.