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Re: [TCLUG:4011] InternetConnection

Afternoon all!

OK, here's how you get your connection going under RH 5.2 (I just 
wrangled with this problem myself, so it's all pretty fresh in my mind.)
First off make sure you have your modem selected correctly. Click on the 
icon of the telephone in the control panel. Next configure your ppp interface
in Network Configuration. Be exact when entering your username and password.
If you tell the interface to expect "username" when your dial-up terminal
actually prompts you for "login" the chat script the Network Config creates
won't work. (It took me many hours fo trial and error to figure that out.) 
When you've got everything entered in the right place highlight the ppp0
interface and the click on "activate" you should then hear happy dial-up noises
Another important thing to remember is be sure to ask your ISP for the number
of the nameserver for their ISP enter that number ( for example
if dialing into the U) and enter it in the box marked "Nameservers" in Net Co

Hope that helps.
Joe Laha

"You gotta fuck that zombie!"
     -Randal "Clerks Holiday Special"