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Re-post: HELP (no boot)

I'm not sure if my other message posted. If so please ignore this, otherwise
please help me.

I did what Peter suggested with running lilo -r /mnt 

when /mnt was my mounted root drive. It ran fine and showed the list of boot
options I have. But when I rebooted, I got the same "LIL-" prompt of death.
Neigther the Lilo howto nor the bootprompt howto have a list of error
message to tell me what this means. I now realize that a few days ago I
copied my /usr/src/linux/ to /boot/, overwriting the
symbolic link that was there. When I got the new kernel (2.2.1) and linked
/usr/src/linux to /usr/src/linux-2.2.1, I kept the olf in /boot.
I fixed this just now via the rescue disk, and reran lilo, but it didn't
make any difference.

I response to someone's question, I can mount my root drive /dev/hda1 from
the rescue disk with no problem.

I'm bothered by the fact that the kernel crashes on remounting the root
partition read-write when I boot via loadlim using the rh51 default kernel
and the option root=/dev/hda1.

Any help greatly appreciated, 

Ben Luey