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Re: [TCLUG:4111] GNOME and kdm

Just run the sound daemon that comes with gnome. It is a part
of the esound rpm.  Before you start gnome just do run "esd"
and you should be fine assuming that esd doesnot fail on you.

Hope this helps,

Schlough, Mark (NM IT) wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed GNOME 0.99.7 yesterday.  It is easier to install than
> 0.99.3 for anyone who is following GNOME.  I addition, I also have kdm
> running, and KDE on this box.
> I can get GNOME to run, I have a script in my .Xclients that starts gnome
> ---- .Xclients ----
> panel &
> /usr/bin/enlightenment
> ----
> When I start Gnome, I get complaints that it can't connect to socket 3105*
> and says that it likely can't connect to esound.
> It runs, but there are some games that won't run.
> Any ideas....