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HELP - Still no boot!

Still same error message (LIL-) on boot, but I've got more information now.

At the lilo prompt from a rh5.2 boot image, if I type 
rescue root=/dev/hda1
it boots off the default kernel and dies when trying to remount the root
filesystem read-write. 

I looked at my lilo.conf and it has

I changed it to boot=/dev/hda
ran lilo -r /mnt
where /mnt was my mounted root drive /dev/hda1
And I had the same problem.

A friend told me that 'lil-' means there is a problem with the map file and
you need to remake the map file or something.  Another redhat 5.2 (2.0.36)
had a /boot/map of side 8192. My /boot/map file is 29184  -- could this be
the problem? my /boot/boot.b is the same size of 4536. I tried running 
lilo -m /mnt/boot/newmapfile -r /mnt    and
lilo -m /mnt/boot/map -r /mnt  
but both times it complained about the lack of map file, or something like
that.  Could the problem be my map file, and if so, how can I fix /
regenerate it? I don't have a backup map file on my hard drive.

Thank you so much!!!!!!