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Re: [TCLUG:4297] InstallFest swap meet

yeah that's what i plan on doing.  I'll only shell out cash as a last resort.  That's
why I'm looking fore a trade. :)


Luke Francl wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Serge M. Egelman wrote:
> > Speaking of swappign stuff, I was wondering if anyone that is going to the
> > Installfest would be interested in trading a 128mb DIMM and 2 16mb SIMMs for a
> > 128mb DIMM pc100?  I have 160 megs (the DIMM and 2 SIMMs) in my linux box and am
> > going to be getting a k6-3 (in which case I need pc100).  If you don't want the
> > SIMMs, I could throw in some cash?
> >
> You might want to try out what you already have before you drop the cash
> to get PC100 memory...I read on that most 66 Mhz
> memory can handle the 100 Mhz bus speed...antecdotal evidence: my friend
> did it...and it seems to be working just fine...;)
> Luke
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