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Re: [TCLUG:4344] Looking for CDE for Linux

Xi Graphics ( offers a cde version of their Accelerated X
environment.  They offer both MaXimum cde/OS and cde.  It's pretty
expensive, but they do offer site license agreements.  Word around the
campfire is that they will eventually have a glibc-based version (Xi V5),
but still as yet do not offer any libc6 binaries.  It still runs just fine
on RedHat5.x and other glibc-based Linuces.  Their installer is a house
special; a gnu tar archive.  It'll install fine on RedHat systems, but it
would be nice had they also offered an RPM package for it as well since
non-rpm packaged software will not register into rpm's dependency
database.  It's probably safe to assume that the future release of their
product will be available in RPM format.

Peter Lukas

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Steven Rogerman wrote:

> Hi Everyone, I am looking for CDE for Linux, Were starting to convert a few
> WindowsNT user to Linux and the Common Desktop Environment would be nice.
> Red Hat use to support it, on there web site they have updated libs for the
> CDE. So if any of you have CDE CD ROM set out there, Is there any way I can
> get a copy that will run on Red Hat distribution.
> Steven Rogerman
> Steve Rogerman Consulting
> P.O. Box 1032
> Rochester, Minnesota 55903
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