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RH Installation

I had previously posted a problem getting RH6.0 installed on my machine at
work.  After trying various things, I decided to step down one and try a RH
5.x installation and then upgrade (thinking it may be a bug in the RH
installation program).  Well, the same problem shows up on a RH 5.1
installation.  I did a df -k on my drives with the following results:

                  1024-blocks      Used    Available    Capacity
Mounted On
/dev/root                1932       887         945         48%         /
/tmp/hdc               491142    491142           0        100%
/tmp/hda7             1243719     18076     1161385          2%         /mnt/
/tmp/hda8              124407    124407           0        100%
/tmp/hda9              124407     4284       113699          4%

It looks like my /usr partition is the same as my /var partition which is
125MB.  Yet I defined it in Disk Druid as 1250MB.  I know Disk Druid is
creating a 1250MB partition because I can see it in Disk Administrator
(NT).  The disk drive is a Western Digital 28400/8.4GB IDE drive.  Any
ideas why the RH installation program thinks my 1250MB partition is 125MB?

Thank you,

Perry Hoekstra -
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