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Re: [TCLUG:4555] InstallFest stats

I just wanted to thank Tim for all the time and effort he put in making
the InstallFest so great. And thanks to Tim's superiors for allowing us
to use the facilities.

I also want to thank all the 'more experienced' users that attended to
helped out. It wouldn't have been as successful without you.

Getting down to business...

For our next meeting I though we could go though some of the general
problems that came up on Saturday. Here is a list so far:
-Kernel maintenance (How to re-compile, what are modules, why
re-compile, tuning the kernel, etc.)
-Desktop environments (Differences, how to setup each, examples of
Gnome, KDE, etc.)
-Different distributions (differences between them, benefits of each,

If anyone has any other topics that you would like covered, let me know.
If anyone is interested in talking about the above topics, you're more
than welcome. We will probably have a screen projector, so someone will
have to bring a laptop.


Tim Wilson wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Thanks to everybody who contributed to the success of Saturday's
> InstallFest. In spite of an unfortunate network problem, I'd say that most
> people were able to accomplish something. (The network problem looks like
> it was a mostly random lockup of our NetWare gateway downstairs.
> Unfortunately, I don't have access to that machine so it wasn't restarted
> until this morning.)
> I though you might be interested in some numbers:
> We had 55 people sign the sheet (I know there were a few more than that in
> attendance). Of the 55, 25 (45%) were new Linux users and 38 (70%) were
> first-timers at a TCLUG InstallFest. Pretty impressive I'd say. Now if we
> can get that NetWare box switched over to Linux, we'll never have any more
> problems. :-)
> -Tim
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